Success Stories by Participating Members

I would recommend the HTRAC Council meeting to everyone!
Robert Sheesley, Director, Strategic Technology Optimization, University of Pittsburgh Medical Center
The HTRAC Council meeting is not the typical healthcare conference format that the healthcare industry is used to.  It has been two days of continuous deep discussions, and the conversations are more in depth than you get at other conferences.  At your typical healthcare conferences, everyone is afraid to talk about their challenges, for they fear being exposed. They are used to presenting only their successes which are more positive biased. From a medical informatics perspective, the HTRAC Council meetings are headed in the right direction.
John Showalter, CMIO, University of Mississippi Medical Center
I liked that I could come to one place and get expert opinions on all subject matters. I really liked the HTRAC roundtable meetings and the IT folks can get a clinical perspective. 
Mary Zile, Director, Clinical Consulting, HealthBridge, Tri-State Regional Extension Center
Smart people want to do the right thing, and you need a channel to do it—HTRAC is that channel. You have the right mix of people: the private side, the international side, and the government too. Loved the intimacy of the atmosphere; meaningful discussions in a small environment. HTRAC did a great job!
Director of Domain Information Technology PMO, HHS
I recommend the HTRAC Council as a great networking opportunity for healthcare IT.
Larry Wolk, CEO, Colorado Regional Health Information Organization
I will definitely be back in September! HTRAC Council brought together a great quality variety of healthcare executives and speakers, the knowledge shared was invaluable!
Ken Dix, Information Technology Coordinator, Accreditation Association for Ambulatory Health Care, Inc.
All the right folks are here! I am very interested in joining the HTRAC Council and getting more involved.
Kelly Summers, CIO, Maricopa Integrated Health System
I really enjoyed the interactive nature of the smaller group meetings. HTRAC’s roundtable meetings provided a more comfortable environment for sharing questions, and the lack of power points was refreshing. The panel discussions were well facilitated and brought out different perspectives.  It’s been a great meeting!
Dr. David Levine, VP & Medical Director, Comparative Data and Informatics, University HealthSystem Consortium
HTRAC was a great conference! It had a better forum structure than others I’ve been to and facilitated a lot of good conversations.
Ali Modaressi, Director, Electronic Health Records Technology, HITEC-LA, L.A. Care Health Plan
The HTRAC Council did a great job, simply amazing!
Deborah Kobza, Executive Director, CEO,Global situation Awareness Center, The National Health ISAC
I am very happy to be involved in HTRAC, it was a great fit for me. Excellent dialog and I am very interested in joining the HTRAC Council to get more involved!
Janice Plack, Director, Information Technology, Accreditation Association for Ambulatory Health Care, Inc.
What can I say? HTRAC was a great meeting!
David Vulcano, LCSW, MBA, CIP, RAC, AVP & Responsible Executive for Clinical Research, HCA
I would recommend the HTRAC Council meeting to all of my peers in Health IT!
Robert Sheesley, Director, Strategic Technology Optimization, University of Pittsburgh Medical Center
HTRAC is a very informative atmosphere; not overwhelming and much more of an intimate setting. The one-on-one knowledge sharing was invaluable.
Karen Jones, RN,BSN CPC, Juran Six Sigma Green Belt, Director of Project Management/Clinical Informatics, Memorial Regional Medical Center & Richmond Community Hospital
I really enjoyed the HTRAC Council meeting. Great content, and a great format. No death by power point. The intimate roundtable sessions are a great model. I’d feel privileged to continue affiliation as part of the council. 
Medical Director of Informatics, Calvert Memorial Hospital 
There is not an over-abundance of vendors, and I found I loved the exchange of new ideas. It was more interactive and  collaborative than other meetings. I strongly recommend then to all healthcare leaders.
Clinical Informatics Manager, Bon Secours Health System, St. Mary’s Hospital
All of the executive attendees at this meeting loved the open and inclusive format and definitely felt that they would come back and recommend attendance to their colleagues. 
Former Acting CIO, Deputy CIO and Chief Enterprise Architect,HHS
I have followed health IT for 25 years, and by coming here we know what will come in 10 years from now. The HTRAC Council Meeting is very useful, our motto is to promote innovative thinking, and this type of meeting is not available elsewhere.
CEOInstitute for Health and Economics
The emphasis is on the exchange of information and networking, versus a sales pitch. I equate this to patients and patient care, because the focus is on pulling techie people with clinical people. This is a much different atmosphere—I’ve met more people and have had more fun versus someone trying to sell me something. I am looking forward to the next one! Senior Director of Applied Clinical Informatics, Tenet Healthcare
I really liked the intimate roundtables—most conferences are full of large slideshow presentations (one person after another with a slide deck!). Someone can really get something done here at HTRAC!
Sr. Director, Applied Clinical Informatics, Tenet Healthcare Corporation
The roundtables were most helpful!
Melissa Barthold, Senior Clinical Solutions Strategist, University of Mississippi Medical Center
I recommend the HTRAC Council as a great networking opportunity for healthcare IT executives. 
Larry Wolk, CEO, Colorado Regional Health Information Organization
I really liked the roundtable meetings because they provide interaction and good conversation.
Jim Hauenstein, CIO, Enloe Medical Center
I feel that every minute at HTRAC has been worthwhile!
Marion Cook, Senior Director, Information Services, College of American Pathologists
I called my CEO after my first two meetings to let him know that this was a great conference that needed to be attended next time! I enjoyed the smaller sessions—I was able to talk to people, instead of being talked at! 
Medical Economics Analyst, Bon Secours Health System, St. Mary’s Hospital 
The HTRAC meeting surpasses any other conference, and I would like to be more involved to take HTRAC to the next level. 
CIO, California Health Information Partnership & Services Organization
Best run conference I have been to, and I really like the format! 
Director of Technical Services, Security Officer, Cogent HMG, Inc.
I’m very impressed with the value of this meeting. HTRAC is an excellent collaboration opportunity across federal agencies. The presentations I’ve attended were not only very interesting but very relevant to what we’re doing in our agency. I certainly plan to follow up with the presenters and use their briefing material to further the collaboration with what we’re doing with the other agencies. I’m very struck with the positive opportunity it represents for collaboration. 
Deputy Chief Information Officer, Office of Enterprise Development, Veterans Affairs 
The roundtable discussions allowed focused interaction. The senior level of attendees and speakers permit advanced-level and focused discussion. I would recommend these meetings to my peers because of the intense interaction and learning involved. 
-Senior Technical Advisor, Health & Human Services
Your team is so well-coordinated and extremely professional. I love the new perspectives I listened to from my counterparts in the civilian service.
Acting Director, Information Systems, National Institutes of Health


I’ve attended a lot of technology and leadership conferences, but have never seen such a perfect mix of culture: IT, doctors, lawyers, CEO’s, CMIO’s which is why we need an organization like the HTRAC Council. The conversation was different, in the smaller boardrooms you get more informal views from the people who really are in “the know”.

Joseph Pedano, Sr. VP, Data Engineering, Evolve IP

The unique HTRAC format has forever changed how we will do conferences moving forward!  Great dialog, and meaningful bonds were made: the Human Transformation!
Jessica Jorgensen, Sr. Strategist Healthcare, NetApp
Within four hours of attending, I decided that I can’t wait to come back in September 2013! Very stimulating conversations – On a scale of 1 to 5, it was a 5!
Margo Krusac, Director of Ambulatory Services, Falcon Consulting Group
I learned so much more than we thought we already knew, and we got many excellent leads!
Jeff Pool, Director Healthcare Solutions, AirWatch
I was pleasantly surprised! HTRAC was phenomenal because we were matched with people of the same interest. Everyone was engaged and you had the right caliber of the attendees.
Wesley Ratliff, District Manager Healthcare, NetApp
I have made so many good connections through HTRAC’s great collaborations. Relationships have been built because it was not a sales meeting.
Susan Halicky, Healthcare Practice Manager, Tribridge
This was a very successful meeting, I am very interested in joining the HTRAC Council!
Patrick Sullivan, Director, Captain James A. Lovell Federal Health Care Center
The HTRAC Council puts together the right people! I won from being here, networking with super intelligent folks.  Every background came together in a positive way.
Grace Keenan, Medical Director, Nova Medical Group
The HTRAC meetings went great! This was a different group from who we typically meet with, so it’s been educating for us as well as them.
Justin Gernot, Healthcare Account Specialist, NetApp
The environment is more friendly, you get more information and it’s all really interesting!
Walter S. Delacruz, Counsel, Moses & Singer, LLP
I took away some great value from theHealthTech roundtable meetings!
Stanley Mierzwa, M.S., Director of Information Technology, Population Council