Mansur Hasib

D.Sc., CISSP, PMP, CPHIMS Cybersecurity and Healthcare Leader

Mansur Hasib

Dr. Mansur Hasib is the only cybersecurity and health information technology professional in the world with 12 years experience as Chief Information Officer, a Doctor of Science in Cybersecurity, and the prestigious CISSP, PMP, and CPHIMS certifications. A global thought leader, Dr. Hasib has led technology and cybersecurity strategy for almost 30 years in healthcare, education, biotechnology, and energy. He is a frequent speaker at local, national, and international conferences. For his doctoral dissertation in 2013, Dr. Hasib conducted a national study in US healthcare and examined the relationship between cybersecurity culture and cybersecurity compliance. He shares these results in a book titled Impact of Security Culture on Security Compliance in Healthcare in the USA. This work was cited in the references for ISC2’s new healthcare security and privacy certification. In September 2014, Dr. Hasib published the new edition of Cybersecurity Leadership: Powering the Modern Organization. In this work he shares his cybersecurity leadership and governance model and life-long learning with many examples drawn from his practical experiences, research, and observations. His leadership model is applicable in any organization.

Dr. Hasib served as Chief Information Officer at the Baltimore City Health Department and within the University System of Maryland for 12 years. He currently teaches and mentors the next generation of organizational executives at several US universities. Dr. Hasib has developed unique holistic Master of Science and Doctor of Science programs in Business Information Technology and Cybersecurity which can be adapted by any university.

Born on the other side of the world, Dr. Hasib dreamed of studying in America. After his parents split up while he was in the 7th grade, Dr. Hasib made and sold hand painted greeting cards with handwritten rhymes. This launched an early professional writing career when his poems started to appear in the local newspaper. He was also elected to serve as Editor of his high school newspaper. This early work is shared in Muses and Rhymes: 1968-1975. In 1977 he was awarded a Wien International Scholarship to study at Brandeis University. He came to campus with less than $50 in his pocket to complete his Bachelor’s degree in Economics and Politics.

He completed his Master’s degree in Political Science at Emory University and his Doctor of Science in Cybersecurity (IA) from Capitol Technology University. During the early 1980s Dr. Hasib became one of the first network engineers in the world and helped to transition two organizations from mainframe to network environments. Dr. Hasib enjoys table tennis, comedy and travel and has been to all 50 states of the USA.

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