HTRAC Off The Record Podcasts

Isn’t it time that you got to know your technology leaders on a very real level?

Off the Record with HTRAC is a casual, yet intimate and thought provoking expose, where host and HTRAC’s Co-Founder and Executive Director; Kelly Yocum candidly chats with HTRAC Top Council Members, Ambassadors, Technology Innovators and Thought Leaders, about Cyber-security and the latest in Innovation of Government and Healthcare IT.

August 2015

Mr. Hicks’ expertise in IT GRC specific to security, risk management, audit, business continuity, disaster recovery, and regulatory compliance provides an in-depth understanding of business processes and technology at healthcare organizations.

Mitch Parker -CISO, Temple University Health SystemPanel Discussion: Cyber Security Breaches And The Healthcare Space

April 2015

Ken Jones – Vice President of Engineering & Product Management, Ironkey, speaks about the challenges and trends in data security such as BYOD, regulations, global threat, and the sophistication of hackers.

Howard Whyte – Chief Information Security Officer, NASA, talks about Implementing technologies and processes to support an integrated continuous monitoring program that supports the assurance needed across our missions and programs.

Chuck McGann – Former CISO USPS, now Chief Cyber Strategist with CRGT, chats about Data breaches, the biggest threats facing government, the importance of accountability, and changing legislation.

Mark Steffler – VP Government Practice QUANTUM SECURE, and Don Campbell, Director of Product Management QUANTUM SECURE, exchange about FICAM and controlling access to both cyber and physical government resources.

Darryl Peek II – Cyber Security Strategist, DHS, talks about Cyber security, continuous monitoring, cloud and information sharing.

March 2015

Jaci Baum Vilardo – VP Corporate Strategy & Sales – Looking Glass, discusses the importance of threat intelligence and the concerns of government and healthcare organizations regarding the new cyber security information sharing legislation. In addition, she shares lessons learned working for highly successful start-up companies such as Digex, RipTech, NetWitness, and how they were acquired through innovation and execution. Ms. Vilardo also touches on public/private sector collaboration through her new role as Chair of GTRA/HTRAC Technology Advisory Board, President Obama’s cyber security initiative, and Lookingglass’ work with DHS’ Shared Services platform.

Ralph EchemendiaThe Ethical Hacker joins the podcast from Munich Germany, dialing in from the set of Oliver Stone’s new Edward Snowden movie, Ralph discusses how he got his start into hacking as a young child, the Sony attack, a recent confidential client case study test hacking into a global motorcycle company, his work investigating the pre-release Twilight movie leaks, and Government and Healthcare critical infrastructure security hacking cases.

Aaron Cohen – Co-Founder/COO Blackfin Security, talks about the serious importance of cyber security end user awareness training for government and healthcare as well as his favorite milestone stories of his career and start-up ventures, staying focused on being really good at one thing vs trying to be ‘ok’ at 10 different things trying to make all customers happy, and the GTRA/HTRAC Security Awareness Training partnership offered to the GTRA/HTRAC delegates.

Kevin Lancaster – CEO Winvale, discusses his coaching ice hockey at the US Naval Academy, how his experience at University of Maryland’s Dingman Center for Entrepreneurship – a world-class think tank for enterprise creation – helped him start Winvale, his work on the Chesapeake Regional Tech Council, tech trends and topics on cyber security, big data, analytics and how new companies are setting up a hub in the Baltimore-Washington area, his Podcast series “Selling Government” and tips for working with government.