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Prevalent is an industry-leading vendor risk and cyber threat intelligence innovator.

Since 2004, Prevalent has worked diligently with leaders in information security, compliance, and risk management to develop solutions that are proven to help organizations reduce, manage and monitor the security threats and risks associated with third-party business relationships. This close collaboration has led to the development of award-winning technologies, enabling Prevalent to create value for their customers.

Prevalent meets the need of its customers by developing cloud-delivered, managed services based on industry-leading technology. This service is hosted in Prevalent’s cloud environment and administered by their knowledgeable and experienced staff. The result is reduced time to value, reduced infrastructure requirements, dramatic reduction in operational cost, and increased security and compliance readiness.

Today, Prevalent remains the leading innovator in the third-party risk management and monitoring market, creating powerful software and service solutions like Prevalent Vendor Risk Manager and Prevalent Vendor Threat Monitor.